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Disclaimer: The reiki systems offered here are not intended to replace your physician, nor to be used to diagnose or cure ailments, but are used to relax and promote well-being, which often improves healing.

Reiki Attunements Available:

Famous Systems of Reiki

13 Ascended Masters AttunementOle Gabrielsen's Ascended Masters attunement.
Ama Deus Reiki AttunementGuarani Indian healing by Alberto Aguas.
Ayurvedic Reiki AttunementGood Hindu healing reiki system.
Cartouche and Yod AttunementEgyptian tarot reiki by Victor Glanckopf.
Celestial Reiki AttunementPlanets and zodiac energies by Violet Paille.
Dos Rios AttunementMedicine Buddha and cowboy reiki. Authentic as hell.
Elemental Reiki AttunementRebecca Doolin. Magic elements and hand positions too.
Ethereal Crystals 1-9 AttunementFrom Ole Gabrielsen. Crystal healing by intention. Good!
Ethereal Crystals 10-12 AttunementFrom Ole Gabrielsen. Good!
Grandmaster 5-8 AttunementLaser Reiki system levels 5 to 8.
Grandmaster 9-12 AttunementLaser Reiki system levels 9 to 12.
Grandmaster 13-18 AttunementLaser Reiki system levels 13 to 18.
Green Tara Seichem AttunementTara is the Tibetan goddess of mercy. Stephen Comee.
Hawaiian Trinity pt one AttunementHawaiian healing. Stephanie Brail. Good!
Hawaiian Trinity pt two AttunementHawaiian healing. Stephanie Brail. Good!
Hawaiian Trinity pt three AttunementHawaiian healing. Stephanie Brail. Good!
Hoomana AttunementHawaiian flavoured healing system.
Imara reiki AttunementA high powered form of reiki.
KAHI AttunementPolynesian style healing system. Password is KAHI.
Kimanna AttunementLovely healing system. Leonie Faye.
Kundalini 1-9 by Ole AttunementKundalini reiki by Ole Gabrielsen levels 1 to 9.
Lavendar Flame AttunementQuan Yin asian goddess of mercy healing system. Meyers.
Lemurian AttunementsBundle of Lemurian channelled material.
Love Cocoons by Ole AttunementSurround yourself by unconditional love. Ole Gabrielsen.
Mantra Reiki AttunementGood Hindu chants by Chandra.
MariEl Reiki AttunementSacred feminine form of reiki healing. E Lombardi.
Ole Gabrielsen Bundle AttunementKundalini Gold Tachyon Ethereal Crystal bundle.
Orb of Life by Ole AttunementEnergy Ball serves you well. Ole Gabrielsen.
Phoenix Rising AttunementPhoenix the eternal firebird energy. L Colibert.
Rainforest Reiki AttunementRainforest and fairies by Violet Paille.
Raku Fire Dragon Way AttunementFire Dragon symbol system by Holli Blackwell.
7 Facet Seichem AttunementA major reiki system using the infinity sign to heal.
7 Pearls Reiki AttunementFrom France another major reiki system.
Shamballa System AttunementA major reiki system with channelled material.
Tachyon 2008 by Ole AttunementFaster than light energy generators. Ole Gabrielsen.
Telos system by Ole AttunementMystical California city Telos system. Gabrielsen.
Tibetan Reiki by White AttunementReiki with new symbols from Tibet. Ralph White.
Universal Reiki AttunementJose Marinho and Jens Soeborg modern reiki.
Violet Flame Reiki AttunementIvy Moore's system honouring Quan Yin.
White Dove Reiki AttunementAnother reiki system. Richard Kidd.

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