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Disclaimer: The reiki systems offered here are not intended to replace your physician, nor to be used to diagnose or cure ailments, but are used to relax and promote well-being, which often improves healing.

Reiki Attunements Available:

Health, Romance and Prosperity

Above The Radar Reiki AttunementSelf-help reiki to be noticed and successful.
Abundantia Ray AttunementSelf-help reiki for prosperity via Roman goddess.
Agape Reiki AttunementSelf-help to unblock your heart to compassion.
Ajna Lens AttunementBeautiful gems improve your psychic third eye area.
Angel Cell Healing AttunementSmall angels heal our very body cells. Eileen Brooks.
Angel Color Rays AttunementAngels of the colored rays help you.
Angel Contact AttunementHelp from angels in guidance and healing. Rich Eisenberg.
Angel Senses AttunementLearn to sense Angels with this reiki.
Angel Stone AttunementCreate an angel stone to improve your life. Ole G.
Aphrodite Shining Star AttunementLet the greek goddess of love and beauty help you.
Aquamarine Dolphin Ray AttunementAquamarine ray energy and dolphins. Carolynn Lloyd.
Astral Radiance AttunementRepair your aura by an astral grizzly. Mariah.
Atlantean Dolphins AttunementSoothing mineral larimar and ocean dolphins. Lloyd.
Attraction Reiki 1-3 AttunementMagnetize your vibes for success,love,wealth. Good! Brail.
Banyubiru Rejuvenation AttunementRefreshing Water Empowerment by Hari Winarso.
Bear Reiki AttunementNature Empowerment to bear energy. Stephanie Brail.
Bio-G AttunementCalm with solar energy. Carolynn Lloyd.
Buddhas Bliss AttunementFor spiritual growth and meditation. Lee Newman.
Butterfly Empowerment AttunementNature empowerment to the butterfly. Beautiful manual.
Chakra Healing AttunementVery good chakra healing reiki by Stephanie Brail.
Chandra Aura AttunementClean your aura by the Moon. Sastra Vardhana.
Clearview Energy AttunementHealing for the eyes. Easy manual.
Constantine Protector AttunementProtect against Dark Souls as in movie Constantine.
Cosmic Clinic AttunementCosmic medical clinic for you. Oleg Malcev.
Crystal Cave AttunementCrystal Cave Guided Journey.
Crystal Wind AttunementCrystal wind removes unwanted reiki. Oliver Hoffman.
Deep Red AttunementHappy warm and bouncy energy from volcanoes. Geom.
Diamond Dolphin AttunementDiamond dolphin healing by Hari Winarso.
DNA Healing AttunementVery easy but good reiki by Stephanie Brail.
Dolphin Seichim AttunementClassic seichim with dolphins. Beautiful. Tessier.
Dolphin White Wave AttunementFoaming waves and dolphins cleanse. Carolynn Lloyd.
Empowerment Reiki AttunementVery good Stephanie Brail empowering system.
Energy Builders 1-7 AttunementLets your aura accept stronger energy. Stephanie Brail.
Erotic Empowerment AttunementBoosts your sex life. Hari Winarso.
Fearless Reiki AttunementStephanie Brail reiki to boost confidence.
Game Strand Reiki AttunementLife seen from a higher viewpoint. Musa Kokatepe.
Gold Ray of Raphael AttunementHealing with angel Raphael.
Gold Reiki by Ole AttunementDispell fears by gold ray. Ole Gabrielsen. Easy.
Golden Scroll Reiki AttunementAttract your wish. Stephanie Brail.
Grounding Empowerment AttunementVery good calming system by Hari Winarso.
Harmony Stone by Ole AttunementMake a pebble into a peace generator. Ole Gabrielsen.
Herb Lavender Shakti AttunementThe deva of Lavender. Mariah Windsong.
Higher Clearing Ray AttunementAngels give you wings and cleanse you. Meyers.
Intuition by Geom AttunementImprove your clairvoyance with the aid of angels. Geom.
Jade Dragon by Hari AttunementHealing with the Jade Dragon. Hari Winarso.
Jade Essence by Ole AttunementHope with jade. Ole Gabrielsen.
Love and Compassion AttunementBy Luuk Van Duerssen a gentle self-improvement system.
Luuk Bundle AttunementBundle of self-improvement systems by Luuk Duerssen.
LW Random Gen Shield AttunementRandom Number Aura Shield. Maria Windsong. Lightworkers.
Machu Picchu by Ole AttunementNature empowerment city of Machu Picchu. Ole Gabrielsen.
Make A Wish reiki AttunementBring wishes. Stephanie Brail. Easy.
Crohns Disease reiki AttunementJulie Ward. A healing and easy energy. Website too.
Mood Soap by Ian AttunementHelp your moods energy by Ian Sadler.
Ocean Breeze AttunementSoothing and cleansing ocean breeze energy. Liz Ami.
Psychic Protect Flame AttunementProtect yourself with the flame of Michael the angel.
Rainbow Aura Mineral AttunementMineral essence by Hari Winarso.
Replenishing Shakti AttunementDivine soap bubbles of energy for you. Maria Windsong.
Sacred Silver Moon AttunementMoon energies to protect and grow with. Brigitt.
Sea Salt Empowerment AttunementLovely and refreshing sea salt. Easy to use.
Silver Violet Flame AttunementCleansing spiritual energy.
Simoron Soaring AttunementVery light-hearted cheerful energy with kittens.
Stardust Reiki AttunementA sprinkle of stars by Heidi Gebhard-Burger.
Surya Shakti AttunementSun and yoga energy. Mohan Chute. Good diagrams.
Tachyon Deflector AttunementGlitter Ball shields you. By Mariah Windsong.
Tiger Reiki AttunementSelf-help with tiger spirit energy. Stephanie Brail.
Turquoise Flame AttunementDolphins and Atlantis and turquoise ray. Muller.
Becoming Wabi Sabi AttunementInner serenity by accepting an antique energy of Japan.

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