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Disclaimer: The reiki systems offered here are not intended to replace your physician, nor to be used to diagnose or cure ailments, but are used to relax and promote well-being, which often improves healing.

Reiki Attunements Available:

Mythological Attunements

Ashta Lakshmi Reiki AttunementMany faces of Hindu goddess of home wealth beauty love.
Ashvins by Farhad AttunementTwin horsemen bring guidance and luck and health.
Awake Grail Guardians AttunementFind the grail and its keeper in yourself. Baginski.
Azure Ray of Avalon AttunementFairy magic and the priestesses of Avalon.
Chinese Dragon AttunementExcellent asian dragon energy. Elizabeth Hibel.
Crystal Dragons AttunementCrystal dragons energy. Jay Burrell.
Diamond Heart Aladya AttunementAngel energies by Svetlana Perevalova.
Diamond of Zapharel AttunementDiamond of Seraph Zapharel. Steven Lovering.
Dragons by Roger Hill AttunementGood and easy dragon energy and ecology.
Durga Shakti AttunementDurga goddess energy blessing. Good.
Dzambhala AttunementProsperity Tibetan gods of the elements. Good.
Egyptian Bundle by Uwe AttunementInitiations from Egypt. Uwe Burgunder.
Excalibur Reiki AttunementKing Arthur legendary energy. Stephanie Brail.
Eye of Horus AttunementEgyptian hero god Horus and protection. Carol Tessier.
Fairy Realms AttunementPacific northwest woods fairies. Keith Zang.
Fairies of the Sea AttunementTidal pools and fairies. Gina.
Five Dhyani Buddhas AttunementBuddhas of Tibetan Directions. Beautiful. Uwe Burgunder.
Five Fairy Herbs AttunementWork with the herbs beloved by fairies.
Four Sons of Horus AttunementGood historical Egyptian energy by Farhad Najafi.
Gaias Blue Lotus Deva AttunementBeautiful energy system by El Brooks.
Isle of Avalon AttunementIsland of Avalon and fairy magic. Elizabeth Hibel.
Key of Ratziel AttunementBook of Secrets of an angel.
Love Forgive Magic Angels AttunementHaniel, Raguel, Raziel angels. Burgunder.
Centaurs Lair AttunementCentaur energy and myths. Andrea Baginski.
Dragons Lair AttunementDragon energy and myth. Andrea Baginski.
Firebirds Lair AttunementFirebird energy and myth. Andrea Baginski.
Gryphons Lair AttunementGryphon energy and myth. Andrea Baginski.
Flying Horses Lair AttunementPegasus energy and myth. Andrea Baginski.
LW Return of Unicorns AttunementReturn of the Unicorns spiritual energy. El Brooks.
Maha Kali Empowerment AttunementMaha Kali goddess of India by Stephen Comee.
Metatron Initiations AttunementBe initiated by Angel Metatron. Joshua Stone.
Royal Order of the Swan AttunementHeraldic swan lightworkers.
Sacred Hamsa AttunementSacred protecting amulet energy. Jalu Wasonoadi.
Sakkara Fire Reiki AttunementEgyptian old step pyramid energy. Uwe Gonzales Burgunder.
Starseed Transmission AttunementWe come from the stars to help the earth. Brooks.
Four Holy Archangels AttunementMichael Raphael Gabriel Uriel angels by Geom.
Unicorns Healing AttunementUnicorns. Jay Burrell.
Wing Care by Mariah AttunementCare for your astral aura wings. Mariah Windsong.

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